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The (•‿•) Modern Prometheus
2021 - Ongoing

Plush toys modeled after the monster from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein are a weird cross-referencing that lives in the middle of inconsistent logic. The hybridization of the monster, a symbol of social anxiety, and a plush toy, a symbol of attachment, have the qualities of the monster's own survival strategy. This strategy for achieving attachment and coexistence seems to be classified into two broad categories; 'fabricated cuteness' as a transgressive strategy for coexistence, and 'symbolized monstrosity' as a hereditary strategy that retains minimal archetype to signify otherness. The monster mutates to be cute to overshadow the ontological antagonism arising from his own otherness, in order to disarm us. However, even though the monstrousness has been reduced, he has never stopped reminding us that his whole body is an embodiment composited abjection. The survival strategy that arises from the reductive nature of pop culture is free to adopt mutative imagery - such as green skin, sutured wounds, screws on the neck, and so on. No matter how naive and cute this imagery is, it continually reinforces that his birth is different from ours. In this regard, the monster’s obsession with attachment and coexistence may have gone beyond the original. One thing is for certain; the image of those toys plays with the dichotomy at the risk of all sorts of ontological paradoxes and deception. How to accept the hybridized and marketed monster who has become a transgressor for himself and a mediator for us is our choice.